How much does it cost for the first consultation visit to Bernabeu Legal Advisors?

Your first visit to Bernabeu Legal Advisors is FREE. Once you have provided the necessary information to us for us to solve your problem or be able to tell you the process to solve the problem, we make a tailored quote. You can then decide to move forward or not.


How long is the first consultation visit?

Whatever time is required to listen to your case, our team is at your disposal.


How do I locate the Bernabeu Legal Advisors office?

You can follow the directions on Google maps by entering the address, and we also have free parking for our customers.


What is the provision of funds?

From the moment that the lawyer accepts a professional assignment, they assume not only the legal aspects of this matter that involves professional knowledge and means that only a lawyer can bring, but also assumes responsibility for actions, whether judicial or otherwise, in respect of which the lawyer is subject to codes of ethics, professional standards and responsibility for the actions that are taken at all times. That is, every decision is subject to proper technical direction.
Therefore, from the time when the client hires the lawyer, their services are to be deployed.
The concept of provisions during the time-span necessary to solve the issue, and the necessary actions, may change or vary, and the fees may depend on this, but in any case, this provision of funds is tentatively calculated for the attorney to start working.


Can a lawyer take on a case, if it has previously been contracted to/by another lawyer?

Of course. It is ALWAYS the customer who decides who they want as their lawyer. The attorney / client relationship no longer a contractual relationship, which means that the customer is who decides at all times.


Can a lawyer provide services throughout the country or only in the region where they are tenured?

Lawyers can practice anywhere in the country irrespective of the region in which they are tenured. The only requirement is to be registered as practicing in any of the 83 Institutes of Lawyers in Spain.


What are the costs of a trial?

When there is a sentence for payment of costs, the convicted person must take responsibility for payment of the minutes of barristers and solicitors of the other party, deposits or involvement of other professionals such as surveyors and others. The convicted party must also assume other expenses such as those of witnesses, annotations of embargos, or taxes on enforcement of sanctions …. This is called Maturity of Costs.
In short, the convicted must assume all the costs that the procedure and/or process has incurred.


What functions does the figure of Procurador (court barrister) have?

The court barrister is a representative of the customer, and the intermediary between the client and the court.
However, in no event does the court barrister take the technical direction of the matter which is assumed by the lawyer, they are purely and intermediary, receiving notifications from the court, and passing this on to the lawyer. Court barristers tend to act solely in the courts where they are tenured, because their presence in court is absolute.
Court barristers charge fees, and are regulated by the Organic Law nationwide (RD 1373/2003 of November 7) amending the Tariff Rights of the Court Barristers.


What is a Court of First Instance?

This is the court in which, with only one exception for specialization of matter, for the first time a CIVIL procedure is elucidated.


What is the Court of Appeals?

The Court of Appeal is one in which appeals are resolved, generally against sentences already dictated by the Court of First Instance.


What is the administrative route?

This is for procedures that are directed against the Public Administrations.


What is the Judicial route?

The JUDICIAL route is made available to citizens for settling disputes. It is subject to certain principles and constitutional guarantees governing its evolution. It will be a judge who decides the outcome; or the judge can decided that the parties need to go another way to settle their differences.


What is an “offense” or Judgment of Offense?

These are CRIMINAL procedures under Spanish law for certain minor criminal cases such as libel, slander, slight damages, injuries…


What is jurisdiction?

These are the different areas covered within our judicial system. They are four: CIVIL, CRIMINAL, ADMINISTRATIVE LITIGATION AND SOCIAL.


How many stages are there in a criminal process?

Criminal procedures, unlike the rest, consist of TWO distinct phases. One is the instruction phase and the other is the trial itself. The first, filed in the courts of Instruction, is the beginning of the case where all investigation is carried out. In the second, processed in the criminal courts, the case is prosecuted. In all general courts of Spain (not registries) there are Instruction courts, but there are not always Criminal courts.


Once there is a “judgment” or a sentence against me, can I do something else?

Always, with very few exceptions, you can appeal to higher authorities.


What is a Judge of the Peace (Magistrates court)?

In those locations where a minimum number of inhabitants is not reached, there may be no court, but there is what is called a Judge of the Peace, or Magistrates court. These tend to have low power or competency, and are limited to acts of conciliation and auxiliary procedures for the ordinary courts.


How and where can you file a complaint “denuncia”?

At the Guardia Civil, National Police, or the on-call courts. You can lodge a complaint without needing a lawyer present. If the complaint is prepared and presented by a lawyer, it will be put before the corresponding judge.


Is a complaint “denuncia” the same as a lawsuit “denuncia”?

No, the main difference is that the complaint “denuncia” does not require legal counsel, and the lawsuit “denuncia” does require a lawyer and a court barrister.


Is a resolution the same as a judgment sentence?

All sentences are resolutions of a kind, but not all resolutions are sentences. There are resolutions of various kinds (cars, court orders, sentences …)


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